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Montana Child Support

The Automated Montana Child Support Guidelines (MTCS) series of software for PC's that is published by our office is a Windows program developed to compute child support for the State of Montana. The program was designed in cooperation with the Montana Child Support Enforcement Division, and is currently the industry standard for the computation of child support in the State of Montana. It is currently being used by the Montana Legal Services, The Department of Corrections, all the District Courts in Montana as well as the majority of family law attorneys in the state.

All tax tables, other tax information, and the child support amounts are built in so all the computing is done for you. The Help menu contains sections on using the program, tips from Nick, and the Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM), which can be copied into your word documents. Since Nick worked with Montana Child Support Enforcement Division to develop the program and actually wrote Worksheet B, he knows how they were intended to be used and can offer advice on many cases. Nick has also appeared in most of the district courts in the state as an expert witness on child support.

The software is purchased as a subscription service, with updates issued throughout the year to keep current with tax changes and Child Support Enforcement Division (CSED) tables. MTCS is issued as a per office license, so it can be installed on all your office computers and includes technical support.


Please contact our office to order your copy.