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Computing child support can be a pain. Getting through the forms one time is not easy; the gathering of information, looking up rates, and computing, is time consuming and exacting. However, it gets really miserable when the client changes their mind, or the data changes, and one calculation becomes three, four or more.

Nick Bourdeau has designed computer programs specifically to enable attorneys to compute the Child Support Guidelines worksheets for Montana and North Dakota. The Montana Automated Child Support Guidelines (MTCS) and North Dakota Automated Child Support Guidelines (NoDACS) are full computer programs, not just a calculator, with all rates and tables built in and which print court ready documents. The programs are stand alone and work on Windows© based systems.

"I have written software for attorneys for over fifteen years. I have learned that they have zero tolerance for software that has a long learning curve or is complicated. My goal was to develop a program that could have users completing guidelines in a matter of minutes from time of installation, not hours.

The guarantee is simple, if the software doesn’t complete court ready guidelines for you, I fix it or you get your money back."

Technical support is unlimited, free, and historically over 98% of all calls have been handled immediately or within twenty four hours.