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Nicholas L. Bourdeau
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For his entire career Nick Bourdeau has been writing. He has written the serious stuff - his opinions on a case for use in a court of law – and humorous stuff – his take on life.

He has turned the serious stuff into an article he was asked to write for GP SOLO, an American Bar Association publication, titled “How Much is a Business Worth?” which details the frustrations arising from the various standards of value and a book called The Determination of Income for Child Support. Both of these came about because of the same questions being asked time and again from his clients and their attorneys and those attending his seminars. The Determination of Income for Child Support is updated annually to include additional information for the family law attorney, mediator or collaborative attorney.

His humorous side is shown in the newsletters he includes with his software updates. All are true stories told in his particular view of things. It has become a concern of his family members to hope they do not do something that warrants them to be included in these writings.