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Divorce Economics 101

As a mediator, collaborative or family law attorney, you know the resources in most divorces are limited. You must maximize your effectiveness. Preserve marital estates and get paid. However, underneath all of the grieving, anger and regrets, the one truth is often missed in divorce: the simple economic realities. Overlooking these realities or not knowing how to get to them, will cost you time and money. Forensic CPA Nicholas L. Bourdeau, teaches the basic principles and what to do when things don’t stay basic.

In Divorce Economics 101, you’ll learn to:

  • Determine what is and what is not income for child support, alimony and the marital estate settlement
  • Make arguments disappear in the light of economic facts
  • Recognize the pitfalls of pension plans and learn how to deal with what may be the largest asset in the marital estate
  • Effectively manage a divorce

His dollars and cents, “nuts and bolts” approach to ending marriages helps you:

  • Learn court and mediation tested valuation and summarization techniques
  • Find our when to get valuation experts and how to use them
  • Learn how to maintain control and direction during mediation

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Montana Child Support


As author of Automated Child Support Guidelines software for Montana and North Dakota, Nick understands how the income, deductions, tax credits, days of parenting, and second families affect the child support amount. He also understands that often times the fight over these things just is not worth the effort – mentally or economically - and that above all else, the needs of the children must come first. Nick will teach you everything you need to know about these issues plus how to determine the parental resources with a basic knowledge of tax returns. He will share his method of clearly showing this information to the client and/or judge.


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Child Support and Family Law Mediation Workshop

Nick Bourdeau, along with Carson Taylor, JD, from the Center for Collaborative Solutions have developed a two day class emphasizing the basics of information gathering and issue resolution within an alternative dispute resolution setting.  Child support, the valuation and division of marital estates, parenting plans and mediator ethics are along the topics taught.  This workshop along with Family Mediation Training fulfills the Family Law required for the Family Designation with the Montana Mediation Association.  Attendees should already be trained in basic mediation techniques. 

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